The right safety technology can give your confidence a boost whenever you set out to drive. You will find plenty of outstanding safety features available and standard in the Volkswagen Tiguan. We at Kempthorn Motors enjoy helping you get the most out of the technology in your vehicle.

Staying in your lane is imperative to safe driving. Drifting out of your lane can mean serious consequences. The Lane Keeping Assist feature uses sensors to alert you if you accidentally begin to drift from your driving lane. Another wonderful standard safety feature in the Tiguan is the Rear Traffic Alert function. Reversing out of a parking space isn't always easy as pedestrians and vehicles are crossing behind you. Rear Traffic Alert will alert you if objects are crossing behind your SUV while reversing.

The standard Rear View Camera System goes beautifully with Rear Traffic Alert. The wide camera lens provides more visibility as you reverse from a parking space in Canton.


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