Perhap the prime reason why customers buy a roadster is because of its looks. Any old sports car won't do for you. Instead, you want one that mixes classic looks with modern features. The Mazda MX-5 Miata is that car, making it one of our favorites here at Kempthorn Motors.

The MX-5 is inspired by the classic roadster designs of the 1960a. Sleek lines and a soft top evoke the carefreeness of the era. At the same time, the contemporary sharply slowed hood suggests forward motion while also giving the driver ultimate visibility. prominent edges also give you great reference when driving.

Lights play a prominent part of the MX-5's looks too. Available LED daytime running lights make your vehicle appear expressive while also ranking outward to enhance the car's athletic nature. You'll also get heritage round taillights that reflect on the MX-5's long and respected history.


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