Tech and the Jaguar XF Series

The XF series by Jaguar represents some of the most popular luxury cars on the road. The technology package is a big part of this. Jaguar understands that the modern driver wants to stay connected all the time.

Jaguar's innovative InControl system allows people to do just that: stay in control at all times. While driving, this system allows people to get navigation instructions and manage their entertainment. When owners are away from their XF series car, InControl stays connected to their smartphone. That means they can always see what's going on with the car's systems. Finally, the driver assistance side of InControl includes features like park assist.

The InControl family of apps and services helps drivers have a streamlined experience. This uniquely connected system makes the most of modern technology. It's not only practical, it's also pretty cool. To try InControl out for yourself, come see us at Kempthorn Motors for a test drive.



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